Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle go hand in hand. This is our course.

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Because to give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine


At Free Form Academy we want you to get started on the right foot. We make sure you gain the confidence you need to become a great personal trainer. We don't do this by reading from a text book. We do this by teaching you what matters most about this career. We also believe that people learn better by doing so that's how we choose to teach you. If you're looking to succeed where others don't, join us.


"This personal training certification course is not about memorizing the theory, but FFA goes beyond and gives students the practical hands on training. I can now offer solutions to my clients on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and reach their fitness goals."

Thuy Nguyen, Ottawa

"My favourite aspects of the certification course were the field trips. I absolutely loved meeting people who are as passionate about pure, unprocessed, healthy food sources and nutrition as I am!"

Jonelle Easter, Gatineau

""All in all I loved the certification course and value the info I got"

France Jolicoeur, Ottawa


- 8 hours of online video.
- 14 hours of practical hands-on training
- Step-by-step guides and systems to follow for nutrition guidance and exercise program design
- Detailed text book included
- 3 hour post course mentorship
- Principles in behavior change psychology to help clients make the necessary changes they need to see results
- Business practices to turn personal training into a successful career.

Ottawa - June 11th - 12th - 5th. 9am-5pm

Day 1:

1. Change psychology
2. Introduction to nutrition
3. Introduction to exercise

Day 2:

1. Program Design
2. Assessing new clients and Coaching Practices
3. Business practices

Note: You must bring a volunteer on this day

Day 3: Sunday, June 19th

Final Exam (theory and practical)
2 hours.

Note: You must receive a score of 70% or above to receive certification.
Rewrite of the exam is $150+HST

4 pillars of success

Miss one of these and your missing out


Nutritional changes are a big part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Without a proper understanding of nutrition it's next to impossible to help clients lose weight and be healthy. We will focus on how to make changes in your clients daily habits to achieve the success they seek.


We ensure that you will get the fundamentals right. You will learn how to perform the exercises right. You will learn how to coach exercise movements with your clients. We will provide you with a guide to follow to progress and regress any movement. We will also teach you our methods for program design and success.


You will learn Motivational Interviewing, a behavior change counselling approach. You will learn how to use the method in the personal training setting: something that you will not find anywhere else. The best way to get more clients is to prove that you can deliver results. The key to getting results is the ability to help your clients change their lifestyle to achieve the results.


Personal training has a high turnover rate for a reason. It's a sign that the current training standards are insufficient. Free Form Academy not only teaches you how to be a good personal trainer, we also provide you with the tools to gain clients. If you want to continue being a personal trainer more than a year from now, Free Form Academy is the best choice for you.

Course Pricing

Video access will be available April 15th.
The hands-on portion of the course will be June 11th and 12th.
Testing will be done June 19th.

Price $650 +HST

Only 2 spots left.

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