Why trainers fail


I’ve had hundreds of personal trainers work for me. Some great one’s left to travel the world, some I had to fire and some fantastic one’s are still working for me. The fantastic one’s have great work ethic. Are open minded. Are always learning and know how to build trust with their clients.

I’ve narrowed down 3 reasons personal trainers fail, here they are:

1. They don’t fully commit.

Sometimes you just get a trainer who is never fully committed. They have one foot in and keep one foot out. These people don’t fully believe in what they are doing. They see their job as a stepping stone to something else, and as a result, they float around wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. Instead, they should focus on being so busy they don’t have time to worry about the other side. A lack of commitment will definitely show in a lack of results for the client as well.

2. They’re unorganized.

Impact = creativity x organization. I’ve seen creative personal trainers that do brilliant work when it comes to long-term planning for clients. The problem is they are so unorganized they forget just about everything else relating to their own success. Not being organized and a lack of consistency is unprofessional. If you’re always showing up late for your appointments, you’re going to annoy the client. They are trusting you to help them better themselves. Trainers need to be early and prepared for their clients. So trainers never become successful because of this and end up failing.

3. They can’t sell themselves.

On the other extreme I often found personal trainers that are organized yet forget about empathy and social skills. This makes it hard to sell anything. As a personal trainer, you must have a a good sense of self and a good enough self esteem to inspire others. If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be tough to instil confidence for your client.

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