What personal trainers can learn from Jiro


Jiro Uno is one incredible chef.

He’s the only sushi bar to ever win the prestigious 3 star Micheline award (meaning his restaurant is considered to be worth traveling to for a meal). Not an easy award to receive.

Every single detail in his restaurant is controlled and perfected by him for a consistent experience. The way his food was prepared to the position of the chop sticks for his guests.

He knows who he is and what he does. He’s a sushi expert and refuses to even serve side dishes, as his focus is on creating the best sushi in the world.

This 85 year old man has been doing this his whole life and lives by 5 principles I thought apply just as well to personal trainers with the purpose of excellence.

Jiro sums up his best attributes of restauranteur:

1. Take your art seriously, mastering every detail on a consistent basis.

2. Cleanliness sets the perception. “Poor cleanliness, poor food.” He says.

3. Nothing goes out to the customer that isn’t perfect.

4. Have passion for your art and work your ass off. Hard work day in and day out makes you a pro.

5. Never stop learning and always work on improving your art. At 85 years old he is still on his quest to perfect the art of sushi.

So what are you the best in the world at?

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