Top 3 Benefits of Becoming a Personal Trainer


I started out as a personal trainer at the age of 17. I’m 32 now and I’m still just as passionate about this career as I’ve ever been. I tell people all the time how much I love it; If you’re doing it right it’s the best career in the world.

Here are the things I love the most:

1. Your Job Actually Matters

Definitely my favourite part about being a personal trainer is having a purpose. There’s nothing worse than being in a job where your work doesn’t really matter. As a personal trainer you feel like a superhero. You get to save people every day. There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than helping someone change their life for the better.

2. It’s a Motivating Environment to be In

I can’t tell you how many times I hear people complaining about how bored they are at work. As a personal trainer you’re never bored. You’re surrounded by people who are striving to get better. If you’re not helping someone succeed, your on the floor working out yourself. The point is you’re in a positive environment filled with motivated people. There’s something about that energy that makes you feel good.

3. The People You Meet Are Awesome

Personal training has changed me in that I never judge anyone no matter how different they may be from me. I’ve trained all types of people and I’ve adapted to them by listening and caring about them. As a personal trainer you get to meet new people every week. I’ve had the privilege of training fascinating characters from entrepreneurs to artists to hollywood actors. I don’t train as many people as I used to anymore because of all my other business commitments but it’s the part I definitely miss the most.

Sure the money is good and the flexibility in your schedule is nice but I wanted to talk about the least tangible stuff. Obviously these benefits can differ based on the gym or studio you choose to work at. Or if you choose to work on your own. But overall these are what matter most to me in the end.

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