How to sell personal training sessions without it feeling like sales


The word “sales” tends to get a negative feel. Maybe it was the time the used car salesman tried to pull a fast one on you, but I don’t see sales like this at all.

The early definition of the word sales meant to ‘hand something over voluntarily in response to a request.’ Voluntarily being the key word here. If your idea of selling is to try to make the most amount of money from the other person, you are thinking very short term. In order to be a great sales person, (and I know some of the best,) you have to believe in what you’re doing for people. I’m reminded of a story by Zig Zigglar.

One of the younger sales people in a high end pan company had invited Zig and a bunch of other people over to his house. After dinner, the man approached Zig and asked, “how can I reach the top of the company like you did Zig?

He replied “You won’t.”The man was stunned by his answer. Zig went on and told him that while he was making dinner, he noticed that he wasn’t using the pans that he was selling. The man replied that they were too expensive.

Zig said, “And that’s why you won’t. If you believe in what you are selling, it will never be sales. It’s simply a voluntary exchange.”

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