Learn to Grow Your Own Food

vertical garden

Chances are, the green pepper on your plate has been grown in Mexico and shipped on a truck for a long haul to Canada. It was grown in chemical fertilizer then sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and maybe even fungicide. It may have been genetically modified and waxed to look big and pretty. As much as you want to scrub it clean, you just can’t.

World leaders on health all agree that toxins are the biggest threat to our health. In this day in age we need to arm ourselves with a strong immune system to fight of disease and that means avoiding as many toxins as possible and nourishing our bodies with all the nutrients we can get.

Part of the Free Form Academy course is to teach people how to grow their own food regardless of land size. If personal trainers can then help their clients understand the importance of eating organic by demonstrating the hands on knowledge they received, it’s just another step in providing service beyond counting repetitions.

In this course we will be getting our hands dirty at Kinburn Farms where we will learn how to grow our own sustainable vegetables organically, how to build a vertical garden, how to raise backyard chickens with very little land and more. This is exclusive for students of Free Form Academy. It’s not too late to join us!

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