Is Cardio Making You Skinny Fat?

Not including athletes, the reason most of us exercise is to:

  • Obtain or maintain an attractive body
  • Stay healthy and prevent disease

Yet, when you ask the majority what they’re doing to get there, they commonly answer:

Running, cycling, swimming, or any other moderate-intensity steady-state aerobic activity (a.k.a. CARDIO!) This response stems from the false belief that exercise should focus on burning calories, and the reinforcement from conventional wisdom that endurance training is the best way to stay healthy and fit.

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*This article is written by Charles R. Poliquin
Charles R Poliquin is recognized as one of the World’s most accomplished strength coaches who attributes his success to the quest for the “magical training program”. Now as Strength Sensei he shares his acquired knowledge and wisdom with the emerging leaders in the strength and conditioning field. Now after decades of disciplined research and training he has refined his craft so he can educate the dedicated few who want to maximize their learning so they can bring their results back to their athletes. Charles now dedicates his time to educate strength coaches from around the world so they can produce world class athletes.



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