Fitness Articles – Sunday Learning


Every Sunday Free Form Academy will post a list of the best fitness articles related to 4 categories: Exercise, Business, Motivational Psychology, and Nutrition. The links will be opened in a new window.


Coaching Cues to Make Your Strength and Conditioning Programs More Effective by Eric Cressey

Best Exercise In Ever: Sissy Squat Pallof Press by Dean Somerset


Stuck in a Business Rut? 7 Steps to Take When Your Training and Coaching Business is Failing by John Spencer Ellis

Are You An Expert? by Rachel Cosgrove


Getting Your Female Clients to “Woman Up” by Erika Hurst

What You Don’t Know About Willpower by Krista Scott-Dixon


Science: Grass-Fed Butter Eaters Have Fewer Heart Attacks by Kris Gunnars

Is Fasted Cardio Superior For Weight Loss or Just A Fad? by Kevin Cann

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