Exercise You Should Know: Cable Chest Press

Cable Chest Press

Why use the cable chest press?

The cable chest press is a great chest exercise that also includes a stability component. The extra stability challenge means this exercise has strong carryover into athletic performance. Athletes generally play while standing on two feet and core control is very important for performance. The cable chest press teaches clients to transfer energy from their feet, hips, and torso to generate force through their shoulders and chest.

Improved core control and stability is also beneficial for the general population. The cable chest press is a good way for clients to discover how to connect core stability and upper limb motion and power. If they are unable to stabilize their body, they will end up being pulled back by the cable machine instead of being able to press their hands forward.

This is a great “bang for your buck” exercise to use with clients who want to lose weight. You get a core stability exercise as well as an upper body strength exercise rolled into one. It can easily be inserted into any full body training program focused on compound movements.

Performing this exercise unilaterally (one arm at a time) also adds an anti-rotation component.

Coaching cues

Ensure that the hips and shoulders are square and aligned with each other. A staggered stance is recommend to start as it will provide clients with the greatest amount of stability.

Clients should be reminded to maintain stiffness throughout their entire body in order to be able to generate power in the shoulders.

Watch that the elbow does not go too far past the torso. This will emphasize shoulder stability as it does not allow the head of the humerus to roll forward.

Try the cable chest press on your clients and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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