A day in the life of a personal trainer: What you can expect

middle aged gym trainer greeting client

The majority of people that want a personal trainer want to exercise in the morning, at lunch or after work. 

The best thing to do when starting out, is to first make yourself available in those time frames. Don’t try to set your times on your schedule or you will have a very hard time getting a constant flow of clients.

Having said that, I would suggest alternating mornings, days and evening days to allow yourself more flexibility and rest time.

Remember that in the world of personal training, very rarely will a club pay you a salary, so that means you are paid only when you train people (which in the end, allows you for more money but is a little harder to get started). Be sure to find a club that markets themselves well in the personal training so that you will have:

1. People that can afford it
2. Enough people coming in the door.

Once you’ve committed to a schedule, depending on the workplace you will be given, you will likely have to get your first clients yourself. (See article on how to gain your first client).

If you’re doing great work, you should start to fill your schedule with 3-4 new clients a week, and it should become exponentially more as you help more people. In my experience, within 4 weeks
you should be making enough money to pay your bills and within 2 months, you should be doing well.

I suggest you work closely with the club manager to help you get busy. They may give you a list of clients you can call or email.

Once your time slots are getting full, you can expect to make a good living, with some trainers making the average is 23-86k a year.  Where most clubs will give you $20/hour, some clubs will pay up
to $40/hour. So choose the club wisely.

Once you have a full roster of clients, you can then start to manage your time better, shifting flexible clients into slower slots. This way you can set the life balance you want.

If you can get past the 2 month mark, things get easier. Coming in to see clients is like seeing your friends. It’s fun, and when you help them achieve their goals it will feel extremely rewarding. That’s
the part most trainers love best.

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