The biggest mistakes people make when deciding to become a personal trainer

They don’t shop around for the right certification.

Humans like to categorize things because it helps us learn better. The problem with this is that categorizing things dilutes the ability to see the big picture. For example, a client is overweight. He goes to see his eye doctor and the eye doctor says that the client’s vision is going because it’s genetic. The dentist tells the client that tooth decay is happening because he’s not flossing enough. The family doctor fixes the rash on his skin with antibiotics. The chiropractor says he has poor posture because of how he sits. Meanwhile, the real reason all of these things are an issue, is because he’s overweight and has gotten here from a lack of exercise, poor nutritional choices and the wrong mindset.

When shopping around for a certification, most certifications give you specialties only to end up with trainers categorized and scared to move beyond their expertise. Our society is filled with specialists who fail to see the big picture. This in turn fails to create real change. As a personal trainer, I feel it is our job to stop looking at life through a straw and to start assessing the big picture.

They don’t shop around for the right club.

Some clubs don’t care whether or not you are good at what you do. All they care about is that you can sell. Nothing is more disappointing than someone with all the passion in the world being misguided to think that personal training is about sales. These passionate people often quit the career of personal training with a bad taste in their mouth. But not all clubs are like this. Shop around for a club that matches your values. Often the smaller ones are better.

They think learning is over after a course.

I always tell my trainers, “You hear, you forget. You see, you remember. You do, you understand.”

To understand nutrition, you have to study it from every angle. It’s a very controversial subject with a lot of financial interests involved. That’s why taking the opinion of one course is not enough. You need to constantly be studying wide to avoid being stuck in an information bubble. The information bubble is where you find vegetarians only reading from vegetarian authors never having the interest to dive into the paleo world. In order to get a true sense of what is right, you must read everything far and wide even if it sounds ridiculous. You need to take notice of patterns and experiment with yourself. Once you are certified the learning doesn’t end. It starts.

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