How to attract wealthy clients

personal-trainer-girlMost people discontinue personal training because of the cost. Wealthy clients on the other hand never care about cost. Most of my career as a personal trainer was catering to wealthy clients. Early in my career, I was the personal trainer for VIP guests in hotels that would come from out of town. The large part of the clients at Free Form Fitness the company I founded are wealthy.

When you make a few million dollars a year what’s $50?

Wealthy clients just want the optimal solution for them. But wealthy clients are harder to reach. They’re skeptical of advertising and often set up their life to avoid all distractions. One of the only ways I’ve found to attract wealthy clients is through referrals.

The psychology behind referrals has been heavily researched and the conclusion is this: People refer others to protect their friends from making bad purchase decisions elsewhere. That’s it! No referral contests, no referral gifts will work for them.

That means if you make people feel uncomfortable by using sneaky sales tactics, deceiving marketing or pressure anyone through your process, be sure that you will never attract the wealthy.

To gain referrals from the wealthy you need 2 things:

1. Do something worth talking about
2. Make it easy to talk about

That’s it.

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