Articles of the Week


Every Sunday Free Form Academy posts a list of the best articles that will help make you a better trainer. The articles are grouped into 4 categories: Exercise, Business, Motivational Psychology, and Nutrition. The links will be opened in a new window.


12 Ways to Know if You Should Include and Exercise in a Strength Training Program by Eric Cressey

3 Training Methods Athletes Screw Up by Nick Tumminello

6 Ways to Develop Your Grip Strength For Better Results by Karen Smith


Drink This, Not That! by TC Luoma

The Metabolic Killers: How to Restart a Stalled Metabolism by Jade Teta

How to Use Cortisol to Your Advantage: Nutrition Tips to Gain the Most Strength and Muscle by Poliquin Group Editorial Staff


The Behavioral Economics Diet: The Science of Killing a Bad Habit by Nir Eyal

When It Comes to Lifestyle Change, Timing Matters by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

Why Dieters Fail? by Shahram Heshmat, Ph.D.


3 Simple (Not Easy) Steps to Grow Your Fitness Business by Ryan Ketchum

10 Business Networking Mistakes Even Top Fitness and Coaching Entrepreneurs Make by John Spencer Ellis

The 5 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes by Jordan Bornstein

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