Articles of the Week

8433d1_0987768c95714fe9b09dcf25fdd9e0c4.jpg_1024Every Sunday Free Form Academy posts a list of the best articles that will help make you a better trainer. The articles are grouped into 4 categories: Exercise, Business, Motivational Psychology, and Nutrition. The links will be opened in a new window.


3 Reasons Why the Half-kneeling Position Will Improve Your Training by Dr. Quinn Henoch

Beyond Butt Wink: Hip Shape, Injuries, and Individual Ability Part 1 by Dean Somerset

6 Steps to Building the Perfect Workout by Dan Blewett


How Eating Better Can Make You Happier by Kamel Patel

It Won’t Kill You to Grill by Brian St. Pierre

Is Metabolic Damage a Real Thing? by Dr. Brooke Kalanick Larson


5 Steps to Lasting Life Changes and Personal Growth by Shelly Drymon

Behavioral Economics and Health Part 1 by Tayla Miron-Shatz, Ph.D

Master the Habits of Your Life by John Jantsch


Overcoming Perfectionism: How to Take Action, Execute a Plan, and Move Forward In Your Coaching Business by John Spencer Ellis

Personal Trainer Business Plan by Adam Bornstein

Are You Being Strategic? by Rachael Cosgrove

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