Articles of the Week


Every Sunday Free Form Academy posts a list of the best articles that will help make you a better trainer. The articles are grouped into 4 categories: Exercise, Business, Motivational Psychology, and Nutrition. The links will be opened in a new window.


4 Tips for Unconventional Fat Loss by Mike Robertson

Achieve Greater Glute Activation by Bret Contreras

6 Reasons Why You’re Always Hurt by Tony Gentilcore


How Can We Count Calories If Calories Are All Wrong? by Hemi Weingarten

Avoid Fructose & Refined Carbs Prior to Working Out to Burn More Fat by the Poliquin Group

Good Fiber, Bad Fiber – How the Different Types Affect You by Joe Leech


Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Clients Happy by Mike Gorski

Why MORE Marketing Isn’t What You Need by Rachael Cook

12 Crazy Effective Ways to Increase Your Productivity by Theresa Ho


The Sport Psychology of Goal Setting by Michael Israetel

Are You Changing Behaviors with Motivation, Ease, or Both? by Eric Cressey

The Real Psychological Reason Diets Are Hard to Follow by Dr. Jeremy Dean

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