Three Reasons You’re Never Too Old to Become a Personal Trainer


Have you ever thought about making a career change, but had an underlying fear that you were too old?

For some would-be personal trainers, this is a reality. Fear over something like this, while understandable, should be re-considered carefully. If you have the qualifications and proper training, additional requirements for a job as personal trainer include a passion for the job itself, with a genuine desire to help people. If you possess these qualities, your age isn’t as big of a factor as you may think.

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, but are intimidated by the age factor, consider these three advantages:

1) Relating to the client

As an older personal trainer, you will relate better to client issues. Most clients that can afford personal training are simply older. They may lead hectic, busy work lives and don’t have the tools or drive to help themselves. As someone who may be in their age demographic, they will appreciate someone that understands the stage of life that they are currently in.

2) Maturity
Older trainers tend to be more mature and better able to have difficult conversations. Many times as a trainer, you need to give “reality checks” to clients. It is easier to accept these reality checks from someone closer to their age. Younger personal trainers can be regarded as not having had enough life experience for such conversations.

3) Comfort
Older personal trainers can provide more comfort to those that may be intimidated from a high energy trainer. Some clients simply lack the youthful energy that they once had, and as such, may feel intimidated and isolated when they get inside a gym. As an older personal trainer, you will be the ideal candidate and motivator in showing them how much energy they can regain, and also, what they can eventually achieve!

With these advantages in mind, a move towards personal training may be the right choice for you. No matter what your age, the job in itself is extremely rewarding and gratifying.

If it’s your passion, what are you waiting for?

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