How to sell personal training sessions without it feeling like sales


The word “sales” tends to get a negative feel. Maybe it was the time the used car salesman tried to pull a fast one on you, but I don’t see sales like this at all.

The early definition of the word sales meant to ‘hand something over voluntarily in response to a request.’ Voluntarily being the key word here. If your idea of selling is to try to make the most amount of money from the other person, you are thinking very short term. In order to be a great sales person, (and I know some of the best,) you have to believe in what you’re doing for people. I’m reminded of a story by Zig Zigglar.

One of the younger sales people in a high end pan company had invited Zig and a bunch of other people over to his house. After dinner, the man approached Zig and asked, “how can I reach the top of the company like you did Zig?

He replied “You won’t.”The man was stunned by his answer. Zig went on and told him that while he was making dinner, he noticed that he wasn’t using the pans that he was selling. The man replied that they were too expensive.

Zig said, “And that’s why you won’t. If you believe in what you are selling, it will never be sales. It’s simply a voluntary exchange.”

6 reasons leaving the 9-5 grind is worth it

The 9-5 grind sounds like a nightmare to me. I’m not kidding. I’ve done it and I think it’s boring and limiting. Here are 6 reasons I believe leaving the 9-5 grind in place of a self employed life as a personal trainer will benefit you:

1. It’s fulfilling and healthy.
Being a personal trainer isn’t for everybody. It takes a special kind of person to be great at it. First you have to be a nurturer. Someone who naturally feels fulfilled by servicing others. Secondly, you have to care about people’s wellbeing. If you have those 2 things, you will be doing something that matters to you. And doing something that matters will give you a sense of accomplishment. Work that doesn’t matter to you causes you to be less than who you really are.

2. A positive motivating atmosphere.
Getting in the best shape of your life has never been easier than when you’re a trainer. It’s hard not to be motivated when your co-workers and clients are all striving to be a better version of themselves. The atmosphere is contagious and that energy trickles down to every other part of your life.

3. You have no limit on what you can make.
In a 9-5 job, you are paid a salary with a consistent pay check. Many people like this and feel as though it brings them security. That’s not my view on it. I believe in getting what you put in. I don’t like my potential to be capped. I also think that way because I have extreme confidence in myself, and it’s understandable not to think like that at first. I think being in a place that allows you the options to strive for whatever income level you want to reach, is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

5. You work around the important things.
I’ve never missed a special day with my daughter. I’ve travelled and done whatever I want, because as much as I love my work, my family always comes first to me. Being able to set your schedule around what is important to you is a gift you can’t put a price on.

6. It’s exciting.
I see too many people bored out of their minds doing repetitive work that serves no purpose to them. You never get bored as a personal trainer. Things are always changing. Every obstacle a client faces becomes your own obstacle to find a solution. And every solution you find can be added to your tool belt.

You may be attracted to the security and stability of the 9-5 job but it’s a trap. It’s an illusion for those that don’t fully believe in their own abilities. I know you can do it, but do you?

3 ways becoming a personal trainer can be great for a family life

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1. Children don’t listen to what we say. They mimic what we do. Most parents will say that health is the most important thing in life yet don’t do anything about it.
When you set a good example for your children, the chances of them following in your footsteps are generally greater, especially when they are younger. Health and fitness should be a priority for families, so of course as a personal trainer, you are better equipped to set good examples for your children.

2. Flexibility with your job. As a trainer you get to choose when you want to work. You can set your schedule to fit your life.
This comes in handy especially when starting a family, or when your children are a little bit older and you want to achieve work/life balance. Being able to choose your own work schedule obviously pays off in spades, especially when you want to be there for your kids and their needs.

3. They say that you become the 5 people you hang out with the most. As a trainer, your clients have one thing in common. They believe in self improvement.
By having those influences around you all the time, you can’t help but be influenced to become a better version of yourself. This will pay off at home when you can be “the best you” for your family.

3 ways to be taken seriously as a personal trainer

The most important component to being a good coach is to build trust. Trust takes a long time to build and a second to lose. Here are 3 ways to gain trust:

1. By showing how good you are
Let’s start with the word “showing”. Showing means you actually put yourself out there in front of others to see instead of staying in your cave. Now on to the next part; too many trainers have credibility pieces that they never use. What’s your story? What have you accomplished? How do you keep healthy? How long have you been at it? What about that special certification you received? Do you have testimonials? Do you write about your expertise?
2. By doing what you say you will every time.
Always be on time. Always be prepared. Show that you are a reliable coach. Always under promise and over deliver. If you tell a client you will send them an email, send it. If you tell the client that you will evaluate them next Monday, evaluate them next Monday. As a coach, your actions are just as important as what you say.
3. By being approachable.
Is your personality intimidating? Intimidating comes from the word timid. You can’t make people feel timid around you. This means that the more you work on you personality skills the more approachable you will be. Here’s a great book. If people feel comfortable around you, they will be able to open up. When they open up with you, you get to hear the truth. It’s hard to help someone when they are not giving you the true reasons they aren’t reaching their goals.

By the way, none of the above works if you’re doing it in the service of yourself over the other person.